As NHL Finals Rage, Blackhawks Fan Shows His Pride with Hair Art

There are mullets, and then there is “The Mullet.” At least that’s what George Hillier has named his new hairdo, in honor of Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane’s famous “business in the front, party in the back” hairstyle. Hillier, a huge Blackhawks and Kane fan, has upped the ante.

He has the mullet and recently sported Kane’s famous “racing stripes” on each side. But Wednesday, Hillier also had a barber shave “88” on one side and a Blackhawks crossing-tomahawks logo on the other.

“It’s an old-school mullet with some modern-day graffiti,” said barber Alex Maldonado, who charged Hillier $25 for the haircut. Check out this video before watching the rumble between the Blackhawks and L.A. Kings tonight. Who knows… You just might see George in the stands…!

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Written by BARBinc News

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