TRIM, The Series featuring Monique Needham

(London, UK) The Trim Series premiers on June 22nd as the first web series exclusively narrating and exposing the daily encounters and experiences of a team of barbers and their barbershop.

TRIM, as the show will be called, is a new British web series revealing the lives of four barbers. This series’ aim is to peak behind the curtain at the dynamics of culture, loyalty, friendship, business, relationships and of course the family that creates these amazing dynamics – the barbers.

Monique Needham, the show’s creator, was curious to find out why so many of her male friends would spend hours at their local barbershop even though the actual haircut would be done within 25 minutes. This curiosity, accompanied by real life visits to a barbershop, inspired the idea of TRIM.

Trim premieres June 22nd! Creators, producers and cast members guarantee audiences members will find the show “contagiously relatable” Each character will remind you of a friend, your barber or perhaps, even yourself.

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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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