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A Barber and His Tools: Ease The Barber

When beginning your career as a barber, one of the most difficult decision to make include what tools (clippers, razors, etc) to buy. Figuring out what tools work best for you often comes with basic trial and error. Most beginner barber look to their professors or turn to “barber role models” on YouTube for guidance.

Ease the Barber, with only 6 months into his barbering education, is already showing plenty of dedication and professional knowledge. In this video, he explains his current collection of barber tools. As he states in the video, his YouTube channel will be a visual progression of all the skills he acquires as he proceeds into his career as a barber.


(Video Duration: 4:17)
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Ease takes time to explain his collection and gives his reviews on the tools he favors (…and tools he can go without). We at BARBinc are confident that many of these reviews will prove to be helpful if you’re looking start your own barber toolbox. Also, be sure to keep up with Ease the Barber by subscribing to his Youtube Channel

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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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