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Rock Boho Braids in Your Natural Hair

You don’t need pin-straight locks to rock the boho braids. YouTube blogger Mini Marley shows us how to get them with naturally curly hair!

Mini Marley is an up-and-coming new hair blogger who, in her own words, is “a naturalista on a mission to inspire, create and learn!” Marley created this video for her fans, who absolutely loved the boho braids she was rocking on her Instagram! In the video Marley teaches us how to create those same braids in natural hair.

It’s a fairly simple look, meaning you can style yourself quickly and still look cute. The best part is that Marley lists all the products she used to create the style in the section below the video, so you can get the technique down pat.

Want more Mini Marley? Keep an eye on her Youtube channel for new videos!

Natural Hair | The Boho Braid

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Written by Monica Wright

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