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Get Yo’ Moustaches Ready… Movember is Almost Here…!

The Movember Foundation released their newest commercial to raise awareness of men’s prostate health…

Movember is an international movement to raise awareness and research funds for prostate and testicular cancer – a touchy subject for many men. Initiated in 2003, the Movember Foundation asks men all over the world to register at and take four simple actions:

  1. Start clean-shaven on the 1st of November
  2. Grow a moustache during the entire month
  3. Ask friends and family to support the moustache-growing process, and
  4. Raise funds (and awareness) whenever the opportunity arises
We at BARBinc LOVE to report on Movember (…and all other good causes) so we ask that you take a minute to checkout the Movember Foundation’s Website and consider joining the cause…!

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