Start the Year Right With This 2015 Hairstyle Guide..!

Looking for a new look in the New Year…? Chicago-based Phillip James Hair Salon has the formula to create the perfect hairstyle to frame your face..!

Similar to palm-reading, the “2015 Hairstyle Guide” is a VERY useful infographic from Phillip James Hair Salon that analyzes all of your facial features (eyes, lips, facial shape) to come up with a hairstyle that’s uniquely YOU.
From the article:

“Your eyes, unsurprisingly, are one of the most revealing parts of your face. People with hazel eyes are brave and adventurous, while those with green eyes are health-oriented and compassionate. Brown eyes reflect a creative soul, and people with blue eyes are outgoing and community-oriented. Those with gray eyes, finally, are intelligent and sensitive.”

So don’t wait… Checkout the 2015 Hairstyle Generator and make a New Years resolution to visit your local stylist asap..!


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Written by BARBinc News

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