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CND to the Nail Rescue at America’s Beauty Show 2016

CND premieres 2 new products at America’s Beauty Show and transforms the nails of our own BARBinc staff
For a woman, getting your nails done is a treat and often part of our self expression. But finding a long lasting nail polish, that isn’t gel, can often be daunting. For those like myself, who often times find that gel polish dried out their nails, or simply do not want to go through the process of removing gel polish – CND’s Vinylux weekly polish offers a long-lasting solution.
Prior to my weekend at America’s Beauty Show, I must confess I was an Essie girl. Essie was the brand readily available to my local nail salon, and has a diverse range of colors. But I had a love/hate relationship with Essie. Although my manicurist always took her time and was a stickler for details, my Essie nail polish would never last me more than 2 days. Perhaps it is because I wash my dishes without protective gloves, or am consistently typing away for work – whatever the reason, I knew my Essie polish would start strong but always disappoint. And even with this knowledge, I never strayed or tried any other polish – that is until this past weekend at America’s Beauty Show.

During ABS, I was fortunate enough to get a manicure by CND’s #ShoutYourBeauty mentor Angelina Wingle. Angie, as she likes to be called, patiently waited as I debated between color choices and filled me in on the new products which CND was premiering.


CND’s SPA, a 3-scent bath and body collection,include Gardenia Woods, Bright Citron, and Cucumber Heel Therapy. All of which are immensely hydrating, and leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

If you are looking for more self-expression, then CND’s Creative Play polish might be for you. The 80-color collection spans across varying finishes including cream, holographic, glitter, metallic, metallic glitter, multi-color glitter, pearl, satin, shimmer, and transformer shades. This is definitely the collection you want by your side to creative eye-catching nail art.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.06.24 AM

While the CND folks were kind enough to give me a few sample bottles of the CND Creative Play collection, I ultimately decided to give Vinylux’s #221 Date Night in Opaque a try for my manicure.

This was a daring color for me as often stay in the pink family, but with a gentle nudge from Angie, I stepped up my game and went with this daring, bold, and yet sophisticated blue tone. The application was flawless! Normally it takes my local manicurist 3 coats with Essie to achieve the intended color – not with VinyLux. With just one stroke of the brush, the color was rich. I was amazed! Angie didn’t even need to apply a second coat, but of course she did, which only deepened the intensity of the color. A quick apply of CND’s weekly top coat and CND’s SolarOil to hydrate my cuticules and guard my polish from any bumps or scratches while drying.

I absolutely loved my nails, and the best part – 7 days later and my polish is still looking pretty good. There is minimal fading at the very tips, but in comparison, this is how my Essie nail polish would like the very next day after application. After such a great initial experience, I will definitely buy some Vinylux polish to use moving forward.

Retail price for Vinylux is $10.50 for one polish. Yes, that can seem a bit pricer than the $6 bottle of Essie found at your local CVS or Walgreens, but when you compare the longevity and richness of the color, plus the price of a manicure, the price is worth ensuring a true-stay color.

Thanks for CND and Angie for converting me!


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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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