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R.I.P. Nick Wavy (…until January..!)

In a defiant manifesto, Nic Wavy (again) says “F**k Off” to all haters who demand that he stick to making only hair-related videos…

(EDITOR’S NOTE: We at BARBinc FULLY support Nick’s right to move beyond making hair-related videos only and have always seen him as a media star on the rise. We just hope that his creative growth spills over into other areas of his life. (See below for details…)
Since 2012, Nick Wavy established himself as the undisputed King of the YouTube ‘waver/wolfing’ movement. With hundreds of wave-related videos (most uploaded in 2015-2016), Nick’s boyish charm, magnetic personality and VERY useful tips made him a favorite here at BARBinc.
However, Nick recently changed the format of his YouTube channel over the last 12 months, focusing more on his personal life and – specifically – his relationship with YouTube ‘glam’ vlogger Annie Visser.
Thier smoking-hot chemistry in front of the camera quickly attracted both fans and critics, with Waving heavy-hitters like 360Jeezy and Sir Cruz pointing out that Nick’s new direction was nothing but ‘video clickbait’.
(And with Nick’s immature manipulations of Annie’s OBVIOUS affection for him, this accusation is VERY justified)
Fast forward to this month… Nick is now single, heartbroken, and (hopefully) a little wiser.
(alas, young adulthood is SO full of bad choices!!)
But what about the ‘waver haters’..??
Well, in this latest video, Nick addresses the negativity directed at him with a HUGE middle-finger – saying that his YouTube channel is “not about the paycheck”. Rather, Nick uses YouTube for fun, inspiration and interacting with his fans (…a sign of a true celebrity-artist)
Luckily for us, Nick promises “big things” in the new year, starting with new Waver videos…!! Regardless of what videos Nick produces, we at BARBinc #Salute him and wish him the best in his journey.
(…and we’ll also keep our fingers crossed for Annie’s return..!)

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