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    Who is “Roberto Perez”…?

    (San Antonio, Texas) Roberto Perez may not be a familiar name to you but if you’re on Instagram, his work may be all too familiar. BarberArt is a growing art-form with an expanding number of fans and admirers around the world. One of the most best and widely known Barber-Artists is “@RobTheOriginal”, aka Roberto Perez. More

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    Short Film: A Day In the Life of a Barber

    This video was originally a school assignment, documenting a Day in the Life of Saint Lou’s Barbershop (located in Nova Scotia, Canada) and its owner Rob Oxner. We at BARBinc like the way the film captures the universal mood of a typical barbershop and how the line between customers and friends is often blurred. The […] More

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    (Jay the Barber is) Calling All Barber Stories…!

    Master Barber (and marketing mogul) Jay the Barber appears to be putting something together that’s BIG…! In this quick video, he’s putting out a call for all Barbers with true stories for an upcoming documentary. Check it out and if you want to share your life-story (only if its worth sharing) then contact him via […] More