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Who is “Roberto Perez”…?

(San Antonio, Texas) Roberto Perez may not be a familiar name to you but if you’re on Instagram, his work may be all too familiar. BarberArt is a growing art-form with an expanding number of fans and admirers around the world. One of the most best and widely known Barber-Artists is “@RobTheOriginal”, aka Roberto Perez.

Rob The Original is known for his ability to create portraits and photo-realistic artwork on his client’s heads. Growing up with an immense love for the arts as having natural drawing abilities, Rob merged these passions with his growing interest in barbering. Starting with his first-ever hair-portrait (Tupac Shakur), RobTheOriginal has changed the way audiences, stylists and barbers look at hairstyles.

Roberto is also a prolific online personality, with an Instagram account that changes on a (almost) daily basis. But most of these images are focused on “the work”… However, in this YouTube video, Roberto reveals a personal side and invites you personal world and outlook on life.


(Video Duration: 2:16)
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We at BARBinc consider Mr. Perez one of THE best barber-artists in the world and look forward to following his journeys through the barber game…!

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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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