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    Funny Friday: Reebok Retro Barbershop feat. Shaquille O’Neal

    Reebok’s new shoe line is going Retro…! And nothing screams “retro” like a “neighborhood barbershop” commercial. In the version of the famed barbershop scene, Shaquille O’Neal stars as a everyday barber debating with his close-knit group of customers who the best Basketball “Big Man” of all time is. The debate rages on when an unepected […] More

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    #tbt – Retro Barbershops Thrive in Long Beach, CA

    Enjoy past Barber Stories with ThrowBack Thursday at BARBinc News…! Originally reported on April-2013, we love this video that introduced our readers to Hawleywood’s Retro Barbershop… “Where a man can come and feel at home, get a hot towel, shave, haircut and comb. Come in for laughs and an ice cold pass. Enjoy our club, […] More

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    Nostalgia Back at Barbershop Thanks to New Owner

    (Wayne, PA) Chris Bonanno wants his customers to feel comfortable. As the newest owner of G&S Barber Shop, he wants to bring a nostalgic feel back to the business, something he said that’s missing from a lot of hair stylists in the area. “There’s something about those old barber shops where people used to hang […] More

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    Barbershop Goes All-Out for Retro Feel

    Marvin Attiq, proprietor of Barber Side, had seen enough. He decided to bring back barbering with a distinctly old-fashioned feel. Barber Side (3506 Adams Ave. in Normal Heights), is packed with Americana. From the barber pole out front to the diamond-patterned floor, Barber Side is as old-school as it gets. “The barber chairs are from […] More