Barbershop Goes All-Out for Retro Feel

Barbershop Goes All-Out for Retro Feel

Marvin Attiq, proprietor of Barber Side, had seen enough. He decided to bring back barbering with a distinctly old-fashioned feel.

Barber Side (3506 Adams Ave. in Normal Heights), is packed with Americana. From the barber pole out front to the diamond-patterned floor, Barber Side is as old-school as it gets.

“The barber chairs are from 1948,” Attiq says. “I got three of them in Colorado. Rebuilt the others that I found in old barber shops. I found a lot of stuff online, yard sales, alleys. I searched everywhere.”

Attiq, who sports a handlebar mustache that looks like it’s straight out of the Gilded Age, has been a collector all his life. He got his start cutting hair as a kid by giving his friends mohawks…

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