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The #BarberArtMaster Series – Joe Barajas

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We’re starting a new series, highlighting barbers that consistently take the craft to another level…! This week, Joe Barajas, aka, “TheJoeBarber“.

For the upcoming weeks, we're going highlight five Barber Artists that represent the absolute top of the field. We at BARBinc call these people "BarberArtMasters"...
This week, we pay homage to Joe Barajas, aka "The Joe Barber" who lives in San Antonio, Texas.
Mr. Barajas is best known for creating photo-realistic portraits of celebrities and sports figures - including this portrait called "Mr. Spursmore"-- Joe's version of who should be chiseled into the side of a mountain.
In fact, it was his portrait of Michael Jordan that led us to name him "The Rembrandt of Hair Art" back in 2013...
(Notice that Joe actually etched the REFLECTION of Michael Jordan's face on the surface of the trophy...!)
It's the use of light and shading in every BarberArt cut that makes Joe a true master. Being able to assemble thousands of hairstrands into (for example) the shadow of a jawline is truly staggering work.
But... life-like portraits isn't the only "art" that Joe delivers.
He has partnered with fashion companies to reproduce logos...
...and has been known to dabble in color...
...and all the while, Joe's (online) personality has been one of complete humility. Case in point, this stunning and complex Louis Vitton pattern was posted to Instagram with the simple comment: "something I made 3 years ago..."
So... We encourage all our readers to follow this modern master of the barbering scene..!

And... Stay tuned for another BarberArtMaster next week...!

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