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The #BarberArtMaster Series – Spruce Cruz

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This is the 2nd installment in a new series, highlighting barbers that consistently take the craft to another level…! This week, Jesus Cruz, aka, “@sprucecruz“.

Throughout May and June, we're highlighting a select group of Barber-Artists that represent the absolute "top of the field". These individuals consistently deliver haircuts that can be considered world-class works of art.

We at BARBinc call these people "BarberArtMasters"...
Last week, we put the spotlight on Joe Barajas, a pioneering photo-realistic barber-artist who lives in San Antonio, Texas.
This week, we travel to the Illinois-Iowa border where Jesus Cruz (aka @SpruceCruz) works his craft at Cruz Cuts in Moline, Illinois.
Jesus has a knack for making his images literally pop off the "canvas" of a person's head.
Instead of making photo-realistic portraits of celebrities, Jesus likes to focus on iconic cartoon characters or pop-culture images.
Sometimes, the image is "cute and cuddly..."
At other times, dark and disturbing (...like this version of "Licker" from Resident Evil)
Mr. Cruz's signature style is the minimal use of white-only highlights to create that "pop" effect. However, Jesus has recently started to use spots of color to further accent the mood of his pieces.
...and did we mention the wrinkles...? We pointed out in a previous BarberArt Roundup article that Jesus LOVES wrinkles..!
Now... Creating wrinkles on any "canvas" is a very complex process...

But Jesus seems to relish the challenge...
So... We encourage all our readers to show some love to this Master of the Mid-West who goes by the Instagram handle @SpruceCruz...

And... Stay tuned for another BarberArtMaster next week...!

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