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BARBinc BarberArt Roundup: Tony Danicceone Simpson

This week, we’re featuring the BarberArt of Tony “Danicceone” Simpson from St. Louis, Missouri. Tony proclaims himself as the “Best Barber in the US of A” and states that all haircut designs are “…Freehand, No Stencil, No Prep”. That’s a bold statement but Tony’s broad range of artwork seems to back up his bragging.

Tony utilizes multiple techniques from straight-ahead trimmer/razor work to color applications that really make each piece “pop”. We at BARBinc are drawn to his many cartoon characters including PacMan, ScoobyDoo and “Stewie” from the hit cartoon Family Guy. For those who want to learn more about this amazing barber, you can check him on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and (of course) Instagram.

So, enjoy the visuals and if you want to submit your BarberArt to BARBinc News, be sure to include the tags #BarberArt and #BARBincCom when posting to Instagram..!

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