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Check out this Guy’s Hilarious Haircut Hoax

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Hey barbers, has this ever happened to you? This guy pranks his barber by pretending to fall asleep in the barber chair.

Perhaps this is not the most informative of hair videos, but it is entertaining nonetheless. Omar, the operator of the popular YouTube prank channel OmarGoshTV, pulled a pretty hysterical joke at his uncle’s new barbershop. In need of a haircut, he sat down in one of the barber chairs and got ready for his trim… and then fell fast asleep. Or at least that’s what his puzzled barber thought!

Patiently, he tried talking to his trickster of a customer to keep him awake, but only got mumbled nonsense in return. This is definitely worth a watch, and you can follow OmarGoshTV on YouTube.

Falling Asleep While Getting A Haircut PRANK

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