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Founder of “The Art of Manliness” Blog Gets a Macho Shave and Haircut

There’s nothing manlier than a barbershop shave and haircut. That’s why “The Art of Manliness” blog founder went to a barbershop to interview the dudes behind the strop!

“Stay sharp.” That’s the motto of Springfield, Missouri barbershop Hudson Hawk as stated by co-owner Thad Forrester. Hudson Hawk’s goal is to take “the components of being a guy” and sharpen them up a bit. The rustic but elegant interior of the barbershop clearly exudes that masculine vibe.

Because of its mission and style, Hudson Hawk drew the attention of The Art of Manliness, a blog aimed at teaching men how to be better men. Of course grooming is a very important part of manliness, so the blog interviewed the barbers and owners of Hudson Hawk to get their insight into what their barbershop can do for the modern man. Be sure to check out The Art of Manliness blog, and visit the Hudson Hawk website.

Shave and a Haircut: Hudson Hawk | The Art of Manliness

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Written by Monica Wright

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