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Andis Camo Clipper US-1 (66485 and 66490) | Dave Diggs

Andis Educator Dave Diggs presents the Andis Camo Clipper.

With a rise in popularity, Dave review’s the Andis packaging, the clipper features and overall use.

Dave Diggs is the owner of The Barbers Inc Barbershop, and an educator and platform artist for Andis International Education & Style Team. While pursuing his bachelors degree in engineering from San Jose State University, Dave switched his focus and graduated from San Francisco Barber College in 2010. Now a highly recognizable figure within the barbering industry, some of his clientele include major actors, musicians and professional athletes. Dave Diggs is also the founder of Dave Diggs Barber Academy, where professional and aspiring barbers and cosmetologist can register for online courses and learn directly from Dave Diggs.

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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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