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Insider Tip You Need To Know by Salon Professional Nick Arrojo

Nick Arrojo credits a positive attitude for his numerous successful businesses.

You will often hear successful business owners and entrepreneurs say that being positive is a major factor is the long term success of your business ventures and personal life. But being positive isn’t just about seeing the half glass full, it’s the actions you take on a daily basis to motivate yourself. Whether it’s dedicating an hour a day to exercise, accommodating your work schedule to ensure you make it home for 6pm dinner, or having a glass of wine every night to unwind – make sure you are getting some time for yourself and planning things throughout your day that will keep you positive.

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The Federico Beauty Institute is a family-owned and operated facility dedicated to providing educational training services to those interested in a career within the beauty industry. For over 60 years, alongside with the establishment of the AJF Salon in 1999 named after Adam J. Federico, this institute has trained high quality beauty professionals. Going beyond education in the classroom, the Federico Beauty Institute has also developed several online tutorials addressing techniques and concerns for all levels of beauticians.

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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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