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Grow Your Game with Rogaine and Men’s Health

(New York, NY) Rogaine and Men’s Health have teamed up to transform the lives of five very different men who happen to have one thing in common – hair loss. Bill Rancic, a Rogaine user himself, describes his personal difficulties with hair loss and how his hair has changed since he began to use Rogaine foam.

The Grow Your Game challenge will take five gentlemen from various background all worried about hair loss. Together with Men’s health, these five men will grow through an incredible transformation that will change more than just their hair. With the help from experts in fashion, fitness, health and career coaching – this journey will be a lifestyle change.

If your worried about hair loss, make sure to stayed tuned to all the process and input some of the tips from the experts into your own life – consider Roagine foam for your hair loss needs.

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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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