Rogaine’s Grow Your Game Challenge – Meet The Guys

(New York, NY) Meet Kevin, Brandon, Raz, Greg and Kenny – the guys from Grow Your Game, a challenge created my Rogaine and Men’s Health to shed some light on the hair loss issue for men.

Grow Your Game is a lifestyle challenge developed by Rogaine and Men’s Health to transform the lives of five men and grow their game when it comes to fitness, confidence, style and hair loss. Using Rogaine products and following the advice from various lifestyle coaches from Men’s Health – these guys will transform into a better, more confident version of who they currently are.

Meet each individual guy and find out why they accepted the Grow Your Game challenge.

**P.S. – The videos are in playlist form, so just press “Play All” to watch all the videos.**

(Video Duration: 2:29 )
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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

Grow Your Game with Rogaine and Men’s Health

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