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Haircut Harry is Getting His Hair Cut in Every Country in the WORLD!

Editor’s Note: Watch out Nomad Barber, there’s a new barber explorer in town…!

Haircut Harry is on an international adventure, and country hopping has never looked so stylish!

There’s a little anxiety that comes with visiting a new salon or barbershop for the first time. You never know exactly how you’ll look when you come out. Now, take that anxiety and multiply it by two hundred. This man, known as Haircut Harry, is on a mission to indulge in a haircutting experience in every country in the world. That’s quite a few places: approximately 189 to 196 independent countries plus some other regions in dispute.

So far, Harry’s gotten shaves and haircuts from shops in the Netherlands, Turkey, and even as far as India. And according to his official Facebook page, he’s got a long way to go because “his hair grows slowly!” Harry’s most recent video was filmed at a local barbershop in Cusco, Peru, where he received a wet shave from an 84-year-old traditional barber. To follow Haircut Harry on his worldwide journey, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow his blog.

The Cusco Wet Shave – HairCut Harry experiences a traditional Peruvian barbershop in Cusco, Peru.

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Written by Monica Wright

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