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#Barbinc Barberlife: @TheGirlCanCut

Philadelphia based female barber Thursday “@ThatGirlCanCut” Farrell describes her personal barbering style, her life as the underdog in the barbering industry and her plans for the future.

Barbering is a culture where women are the minority. Young boys mature into adult men who have grown up consistently seeing male barbers in a barbershop. It can be intimidating and scary for a man to sit in a female barbers chair because of preconceived stereotypes and assumptions surrounding a female barber, mainly the hesitation or lack of trust in a female barber’s techniques in comparison to her male colleagues.

Widely knows as “@ThatGirlCanCut”, Thursday Farrell describes her rejection, early own in her career by her own peers, how she overcame negative stereotypes, and how she has grown her business to present day.

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Written by Jacklyn Mendoza

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